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A solution that addresses your needs, expectations and desires.

At Fisnex, we offer you a software solution that takes your exact needs, expectations and desires into account. With our standard-solution, you are guaranteed a software solution that includes much more than the product itself.

Now you have a solution that takes account for everything from installation, to maintenance and subsequent 24 hour IT-support and counseling.

With more than 12 years on the market, you are insured a product that has continuously been optimized and improved to achieve the best result.

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2.500 dkk/mo

  • 1-39 clients
  • Entry fee: 10.000 dkk


5.000 dkk/mo

  • 40-69 clients
  • Entry fee: 10.000 dkk


6.500 dkk/mo

  • 70-110 clients
  • Entry fee: 15.000 dkk


Offer given

  • 111+ clients
  • Entry fee: 15.000 dkk